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Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to announce that the Town of Greece, through participation in the National Flood Insurance Community Rating System (CRS) Program, has achieved a class rating of 6, which will result in additional savings for taxpayers. Our participation as a Class 6 CRS Community will provide Greece residents within the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area with a twenty percent discount on their flood insurance policies. Benefits also include improved public safety, property loss reduction, open space and natural resource protection, and better post-disaster recovery. This reduction is significant as flood insurance rates have risen dramatically due to federal laws aimed at making the program self-funding and the elimination of subsidies. 

The National Flood Insurance Community Rating System Program is a voluntary incentive program managed by the insurance industry and recognized by FEMA. CRS recognizes communities for enforcing floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum National Flood Insurance Program requirements. There are many benefits to participating in CRS, such as improved public safety, property loss reduction, open space and natural resource protection, and better post-disaster recovery. CRS credit points are earned for a wide range of floodplain management activities, which are organized under four categories: (1) Public Information Activities, (2) Mapping and Regulations, (3) Flood Damage Reduction Activities, and (4) Warning and Response.

Effective May 1, 2018, the Town of Greece will become the highest rated CRS community in New York State. Greece is among only 34 communities that have taken on the effort and responsibility of becoming a CRS community within New York. In a letter sent from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, it was written that the Town of Greece has always been a leader for the CRS program, serving as a valuable example and resource for other communities interested in improving their CRS rating.  

In 2014, Supervisor Bill Reilich’s participation in the CRS program provided Greece residents within the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area with a 10% discount on their flood insurance policies due to the Class 8 rating held by the Town of Greece. As a result of Supervisor Reilich’s direction, policies and continued efforts, the Town of Greece was officially acknowledged at the 2017 annual meeting of the New York State Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association for advancing the Town’s status in the Community Rating System to Class 7. Supervisor Reilich continued to invest in efforts aligning with flood insurance policies, resulting in the Town of Greece receiving a class 6 rating, which will be effective May 1st, 2018. This makes the Town of Greece the only Class 6 municipality in New York State, meaning the Town holds the highest rating for its efforts to protect its citizens from losses caused by flooding and notes that the Town has significantly exceeded the requirements for NFIP participation and effective floodplain management.

“Since first taking office, saving taxpayer dollars has been my top priority” said Supervisor Reilich. “I am continuously searching for opportunities and programs to save residents money. I am pleased to announce that effective May 1st, 2018, Town of Greece citizens who currently have flood insurance will receive a 20% reduction on their National Flood Insurance rates. As a result of the efforts the Greece Town Board and I have put into participating in the CRS, our community is in an improved position to address the increasing frequency of flood events. We take pride in being leaders in floodplain management and an excellent example to other communities”.

Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased that Addison Precision Manufacturing will be breaking ground this Spring in their new facility in the Town of Greece. Currently located on Avis Street in the City of Rochester, they have grown too large for their current facility and will be building and moving into a new facility on Gates-Greece Town Line Road. This new facility will begin with 84,000 square feet, with the ability to expand if needed. The site is on land owned by Munipro, Inc., a public benefit corporation of the Town of Greece.

Addison Precision Manufacturing will be building a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in high-precision machine components. They deploy the latest technologies to meet the highest standards of any industry requiring precision machined components, including customers in the aerospace, aircraft, medical and precision manufacturing industries. For additional information, their website is

Addison Precision Manufacturing not only specializes in quality products, they also have a reputation for fiscal responsibility and treating their employees well. In fact, just last week they presented each of their full-time employees with a $1,000 bonus and presented each of the college co-op and part-time employees with a $500 bonus. This was made possible by the money their company saved through the President’s new tax plan. One of the employees used the bonus to buy an outdoor shed to store some items that were taking valuable space in his garage.  Another employee put the bonus money towards a down payment on a wedding dress. Addison Precision Manufacturing said in a statement about the money saved through the new tax plan, “It is real money that affects real people and supports us all on the local level.”

“I am very pleased that Addison Precision Manufacturing is choosing to move to Greece” said Supervisor Reilich.  “The Town of Greece is so fortunate to have such a generous company setting up shop in our community. Their financial generosity has been most recently reflected in the way they chose to use the money their company saved through the President’s new tax plan. They were able to give each of their employee’s significant bonuses, and have already witnessed how this money is being put back into the local economy. I am incredibly proud that Addison Precision Manufacturing chose to expand in Greece, and wish them great success in their new location!”

Supervisor Reilich has announced that the 2015-2017 General Crime Statistics Comparison Analysis Chart is now available. Three common categories of crime were analyzed: burglaries, robberies, and vehicle larcenies. Data was extracted from monthly reports going back to 2015, and the chart shows decreases in all 3 of these categories. There has been a 35 percent decrease in reported burglaries, a 15 percent decrease in reported robberies, and a 48 percent decrease in reported vehicle larcenies.

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation and support to our Greece Police Department for continuing to keep our crime rates low” said Supervisor Reilich. “Public safety is a top priority in the Town of Greece, and I am so proud of our Greece Police Department as we continue to see decreases in burglaries, robberies, and car larcenies. On behalf of all of our residents, we extend our gratitude to all of the Greece Police Officers who work tirelessly to keep our Town safe”.

Supervisor Bill Reilich coordinated a ribbon cutting ceremony unveiling the new Creation Station at the Greece Public Library Main Branch, located at 2 Vince Tofany Boulevard in Greece. Present at the ceremony were Deputy Supervisor Michelle Marini, Senator Joe Robach, Assemblyman Peter Lawrence, Greece Councilmembers Diana Christodaro, Bill Murphy, Josh Jensen, and Mike Barry, County Legislator Brian Marianetti and members of the Library Board; President Kevin Nasca, Eugene Welch, Jamie Slocum and Anthony Weschler. Library Director Cassie Guthrie and Deputy Director and Town Historian, Keith Suhr, were also on hand along with several members of our library staff for the ceremony.

Located directly behind the Information Desk, the Creation Station will be used for a variety of maker opportunities such as 3D printing, which will allow users to create tangible objects from a computer file. The space will also include 10 Cricut machines, which is a wireless design and cut system that allows users to create a variety of objects from paper, vinyl, poster board, fabric, and more. The Creation Station was made possible by a state grant secured by Senator Joe Robach.

Library patrons (16 and over) are required to complete an orientation session and user agreement with a library staff member prior to utilizing the 3D printing service. Patrons can bring their own design on a portable drive or use the designs offered by the library. Please call the Greece Public Library at 225-8951 or visit their website at to register for a scheduled orientation class.

“Offering lifelong learning opportunities was identified as one of the top priorities in the library’s 2017-2019 Strategic Plan” said Supervisor Reilich. “The goal is for library visitors to have access to services and materials to explore topics of personal interest and to continue learning throughout their lives. I am pleased to highlight this new addition to our Greece Public Library Main Branch. I want to thank Senator Joe Robach for securing the funding and always being such a great partner in working with the Town to bring new innovations to our residents.”

Supervisor Bill Reilich and Greece Receiver of Taxes Andrew Conlon are pleased to announce that they will be extending business hours for tax collection purposes on Monday, February 12, 2018. Since the last day to pay Town, County and Fire taxes without any interest charges is February 10, 2018, which falls on a Saturday (a non-business day), an extension is authorized or required to be granted to the next business day. Our usual hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm, but because we anticipate there may be a heavier volume of residents coming in we will be offering extended hours. Therefore, the Greece Town Hall Tax Receiver’s Office will be open from 7:30am – 7:00 pm on Monday, February 12, 2018 to assist our residences. Additionally, the post mark date for those residents choosing to mail in their tax payment is also February 12, 2018.

“We are happy to extend our regular business hours in an effort to assist our residents in making their tax payments ahead of this latest deadline. After February 12th, a 1.5% interest charge will be assessed (required by State Tax Law) for any full or partial payment that is received for 2018 taxes” said Supervisor Reilich and Andrew Conlon. “Customer service is always a top priority and we are pleased to be able to offer these extended hours”.

The complete payment schedule is as follows:

January 1 – February 10 (2/12)              No Interest Due

February 11 –28                                        1.5% interest

March 1 – 31                                               3% Interest

April 1 – 30                                                 4.5% Interest

May 1 – 5                                                    6% Interest

May 6 – 31                                                 6% Interest, plus $2.00 notice Fee

June 1 – 30                                               7.5% Interest, Plus $2.00 notice Fee

July 1 – 31                                                9% Interest, plus $2.00 notice Fee

August 1 – 20                                          10.5% Interest, plus $2.00 notice Fee, plus

                                                                                 Advertising charge (per County Treasury)

After August 20                                      Amount Due will be calculated by the County Treasury

Supervisor Reilich is pleased to announce that the 2017 Year End STOP-DWI Arrest Report has shown that our Greece Police Department continues to perform an exceptional job in their efforts to curtail DWI.  In 2017 the report shows an overall 20% increase in DWI arrests, the highest in any municipal department. According to the Monroe County STOP-DWI: DWI/DWAI Arrest Report Year-End 2017, the Greece Police Department made 358 DWI/DWAI arrests in 2017. This is up from 278 arrests made in 2016. Throughout Monroe County, total DWI/DWAI arrests made for 2017 is 2,510.

“I am incredibly proud of our Greece Police Department and the dedicated job they perform in keeping our Town safe” said Supervisor Reilich. “Their constant vigilance makes a significant impact on our community – which is clearly expressed in how many DWI/DWAI arrests have been made by our officers this year. I certainly hope that those choosing to drink and drive will realize that here in the Town of Greece, we are very serious about doing all we can to hold these individuals accountable. On behalf of all of our residents, we extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Greece Police Department for striving every day to make our Town a safe place to live”.

Supervisor Bill Reilich has announced that FEMA has included Monroe County in the Federal Lake Ontario Flooding Disaster Declaration. This will help local governments receive funding for damages incurred by the high water levels and flooding along Lake Ontario this past year. Public assistance will be made available on a cost-sharing basis and will provide assistance for emergency work and the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities.

“I have been working diligently with Federal and State officials to ensure that the Town of Greece, and all of the municipalities in our area affected by the flooding, would be included in the Disaster Declaration” said Supervisor Reilich. “Many water-front residents in Greece experienced significant damages as a result of the flooding this past year. Being included in the Lake Ontario Disaster Declaration will help provide assistance for emergency work and for critical repairs to facilities and infrastructure. I will continue working closely with officials and advocating for all water front residents affected by the flooding”.

A Public Hearing was held on January 10, 2018 during the Greece Town Board Meeting to consider the adoption of a proposed local law to repeal and remove Chapter 83, Coastal Erosion Hazard Area, of the Code of the Town of Greece in order to authorize the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to manage coastal erosion hazard areas as prescribed by Article 34 of Environmental Conservation Law. The proposal was brought forth at the request of the Town of Greece Engineering Department.  It was placed on the agenda in December, setting forth a hearing to discuss the proposal.

The Town Engineer gave a presentation on the Department of Environmental Conservation program that regulates building activity in coastal erosion hazard areas near Lake Ontario. The program requires DEC sign-off on any “regulated activity” in the coastal erosion management zone. The program is designed to protect fragile beaches and dunes and control building in areas vulnerable to flooding and erosion. The current program rules require property owners to obtain permits before moving ahead with construction, grading or other disturbances of soil. The Town of Greece currently administers the program within their own borders rather than leaving it to the State to administer, though they are monitored closely by the DEC.

 At the close of the presentation, Supervisor Reilich and the Greece Town Board listened carefully to neighbors who reside along the lake and lake front neighborhood groups like the Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association who spoke out and shared their concerns during the hearing. In consideration of the concerns of the lake front neighbors and the overall success the Town of Greece has had addressing issues in-house for residents in and around the lake front, No Motion was made to support the change and thus the current language in Chapter 83 remains in place and no changes will be made.

“The Town of Greece currently administers a State Department of Environmental Conservation program that regulates building activity in coastal erosion hazard areas near Lake Ontario” said Supervisor Reilich. “If continuing to administer this program internally is a benefit to our residents, we will not be changing our practices. I am committed to standing side by side our residents and providing them the best service possible and that is why the Town Board and I decided not to move forward with the proposal”.

For Reference, Chapter 83 Coastal Erosion Hazard Area of the Town of Greece Code currently states:

The Town of Greece hereby assumes the responsibility to implement and administer a coastal erosion management program within its jurisdiction pursuant to Article 34 of New York State Environmental Conservation Law. In addition, it is the purpose of this chapter to:

  1. Establish standards and procedures minimizing and preventing damage to structures from coastal flooding and erosion and to protect natural and protective features and other natural resources.
  2. Regulate in coastal areas subject to coastal flooding and erosion, land use and development activities so as to minimize or prevent damage or destruction to man-made property, natural protective features and other natural resources and to protect human life.
  3. Regulate new construction or placement of structures in order to place them a safe distance from areas of active erosion and the impacts of coastal storms to ensure that these structures are not prematurely destroyed or damaged due to improper siting, as well as to prevent damage to natural protective features and other natural resources.
  4. Restrict public investment in services, facilities or activities which are likely to encourage new permanent development in erosion hazard areas.
  5. Regulate the construction of erosion protection structures in coastal areas subject to serious erosion to assure that their construction and operation will minimize or prevent damage or destruction to structures, significant improvements to structures, property, natural protective features or other natural resources.


Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich was joined by Greece Town Board Members Mike Barry, Josh Jensen, Bill Murphy, and Diana Christodaro for an official Eagle Scout Award Medal Presentation Ceremony at Wednesday evening’s Town Board Meeting. The Town of Greece Eagle Scout Recognition Medal is presented to all Boy Scouts who have recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in their local troop.

“It is an honor for me to be able to present these medals to the hard working and determined young men who have shown that commitment and perseverance lead to success” said Supervisor Bill Reilich. “I would like to congratulate Peter Burke on his achievement of Eagle Scout ranking through his efforts in building a 24 hen mobile chicken coop trailer for Homesteads for Hope”.

The Boy Scouts of America, one of the United States largest youth organization, is dedicated to promoting self-reliance, courage, and patriotism among young men. The Eagle Scout Award is attained after countless hours of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to the scouting creed. For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit their webpage

Yesterday, Supervisor Bill Reilich welcomed Ruby Gordon Furniture and Mattresses to Greece. The new business is located at 140 Greece Ridge Center Drive and is open daily.

With 81 years of experience in the designer furniture industry, Ruby Gordon is Rochester’s largest owned family furniture store. In fact, their original store was founded by Frank Ruby in 1936 and was located at the entrance of Rochester’s most popular downtown movie house, the RKO palace. Ruby Gordon has over 300 room settings on display in the store and boasts a selection of living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, entertainment options, accent furniture, and mattresses. To view their full selection, please visit their website at

“I am always happy to welcome new and returning businesses to the Town of Greece”. said Supervisor Reilich. “The Mall at Greece Ridge continues to host vibrant businesses, and we welcome further development to both existing vacant spaces and new constructions. I wish Ruby Gordon owners Raymond Ruby and Aaron Ruby and their families and team great success in their new location!”