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General Information

A permit required for the installation of any deck or stoop.  If a contractor is used, that contractor must have general liability and workman's compensation insurances filed with the Town of Greece as a certificate holder.

Plans Submittal Requirements

  • A copy of an Instrument Survey with dimensions indicating the location of the deck on the property.
  • A plan with dimensions indicating how the structure will be constructed and anchored.  This plan should include materials used and spacing of framing members.
  • A plan showing the guardrails as required by the NYS Residential Code.  Such guardrails are required to be a minimum of 36 inches in height.
  • Plans for pool decks must depict and label details regarding:

              -48" Gate swinging away from pool, that is both self closing and self latching

              -Gate must swing over a minimal 3' X 3' sq. ft landing.

              -Latch for pool gate must be set at a minimum of 3" below top of gate.

              -Within an 18" radius of the latch no space may be greater than 1/2"

      (All construction documents must conform to Appendix G of the Residential code of NYS)

Deck Construction Guidelines

Pool Deck Regulations


An inspection of the footing & the completed deck will be required upon completition of work.

Fees and Applications

A permit fee is required, and an application must be completed and submitted to the Technical Services Department at One Vince Tofany Blvd.  Please contact the Technical Services Department at (585)723-2443 for additional information.