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Fiscal Year July 1-June 30
School Tax bills are mailed August 31st
Due without interest in full October 1st
If you pay in installments only the first installment is payable to the Greece Receiver and must be made with the service charge September 15th
The second and third installments must be paid directly to the Monroe County Treasury October 15th 
November 15th
Full payments with interest received by mail or in person at Greece Town Hall up to and including October 31st


Fiscal Year Jan. 1-Dec. 31
Town and County bills are mailed December 31st
Due without interest in full February 10th
If you pay in installments: 
          first installment
          the second with interest is due 
the third with interest is due
          the fourth with interest is due

February 10th 
February 28th
March 31st 
April 30th      
Payments received by mail or in person at Greece Town Hall up to and including May 31st

If you do not receive your bill the first week of January (Town & County Bill) or the first week of September (School Tax Bill), contact the Tax Office for a duplicate tax bill. Failure of the owner of property to receive a bill does not in any way affect the validity of the taxes and interest prescribed by law.