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Remodeling and Tenant Changes

All commercial businesses undertaking either a change in use, change in tenancy, conversion to commercial space, renovation to existing space, or replacement or relocation of equipment require permits.  Plans are reviewed by the Technical Services Department and Fire Marshal's Office to assure conformance with the Codes and the State of New York and the Town of Greece, to provide for the safety of occupants. (Town Code)

To obtain a permit, you will need to provide the following information with the completed permit application form  available in the Technical Services Department.  Three sets of construction drawings need to be submitted to the Technical Services Department to conduct a review of the plan for compliance to all applicable codes before a permit is issued and the work can be started.  These construction drawings must be consistent, to scale, dimensioned, specific, and legible, including but not limited to the following:

  • Floor plans showing all areas of labeled use intended purpose, fixture layouts, bathroom location, storage rooms, ect.
  • Cross section of building with ceiling heights and wall and roof ceiling construction details and material types.
  • Use of adjacent tenant spaces.
  • Most recent past use of the intended space.
  • Door location, sizes, and direction of door swing.
  • Exit and emergency lighting locations and type.
  • Utility location (electric panels, water meter, gas meter, etc.)
  • Existing or new installation of plumbing fixture location and types.
  • Type of finish material such as floor covering/wall covering to be used, or if existing, is to remain.
  • Fire resistance rating of walls, floor/ceiling or roof/ceilinig assemblies of either tenant separations or rated walls or ceilings.
  • Fire sprinkler systems wtih head location (in some cases for new or relocated sprinklers, the plans will need to be done by a licensed professional architect or engineer).
  • Furniture location for places of public assembly and total number of persons that would be occupying space, such as restaurant, nightclubs, bars, etc.

Elevators, Escalators, Lifts

In all cases where there is to be a new installation of either elevators, escalators, or lifts or moving an existing conveyance, a building permit must be obtained.  Inspections are to be performed by a certified inspection agency and a Certificate of Compliance obtained before placing the conveyance in service.