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This means that Greece residents will receive a tax credit this fall as provided under the state's Property Tax Freeze Credit program. The Town of Greece was a strong contributor to the County's Plan that was submitted by most of the towns in Monroe County.

To be eligible for this credit, the property involved must be the resident's primary residence and the homeowner cannot have a total household income greater than $500,000. The town's plan needed to show efficiencies of a least 1% of the 2014 tax levy which totaled $37,395,502. This gave the town an efficiency savings number of $373,955. These savings must be sustained over the next three years. The efficiencies detailed in the towns plan total $9,398,000, which is more than eight times more than what was required.

"I am very proud of the great effort that was made by all town departments to find efficiency's throughout our organization. I am especially proud that we were able to reduce spending from the 2014 to the 2015 budget by over $1,000,000 while still maintaining quality of life services!" Supervisor Reilich stated.

The town's efficiency's came from a number of different initiatives. Starting in 2014, the town became a member of the Finger Lakes Municipal Health Insurance Trust which resulted in an estimated annual savings in our health Insurance costs of $1,900,000. Additionally, in developing our 2015 budget a total of 10 Full-time and 9 Part-time positions were eliminated, the majority of these were from attrition and embracing efficiencies. These are just a few of the examples in reductions that can be attributed to the savings.
For more information please contact Michelle Marini.