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Please note that the flags on the Greece Town Hall Campus will be flown at half-staff until sunset on January 13, 2021 as a sign of respect for the service and sacrifice of United States Capitol Police Officers Brian D. Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, and all Capitol Police Officers and law enforcement across our nation.

Supervisor Reilich and the Greece Town Board invite the residents of Greece to participate in the State Mandated Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Survey. The survey will be available to Greece residents beginning January 2nd until January 16th to receive input from our residents. The survey idea was launched as a way to open the process at a time when groups and gatherings are still being prohibited due to COVID restrictions.

Some background information for our residents: 

On August 17, 2020, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed an Executive Order – the ‘New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative’ which required local police agencies to develop a plan that reinvents and modernizes police strategies and programs in their community based on community input. Each police agency’s reform plan must address policies, procedures, practices and deployment, including, but not limited to, use of force.

Each local government must convene stakeholders for a fact-based and honest dialogue about the needs of their community. The charge of each local committee is:

  • Review the needs of the community served by its police agency;
  • Evaluate the police agency’s current policies and practices;
  • Establish policies or recommend adjustments to current policies that allow police to effectively and safely perform their duties;
  • Develop policy recommendations resulting from this review;
  • Offer a plan for public comment;
  • Present the plan to the local legislative body to ratify or adopt it, and;
  • Certify adoption of the plan to the State Budget Director on or before April 1, 2021.

In September, The Town of Greece formed a Police Reform and Reinvention Committee to perform the above duties. This Committee is comprised of members and leaders of the Greece Police, members of the community, members of the non-profit and faith-based community, the local office of the district attorney, the local public defender, and local elected officials.

The Town of Greece Police Reform and Reinvention Committee will meet regularly through March 2021. During these meetings, the Committee will identify top policing concerns in the Town of Greece, review policies and procedures associated with those concerns, and hear from community members and professionals about policing in the Town of Greece. The information received as a result of the surveys will assist this group in addressing any areas of concern as they work to formulate a plan for submission.

“I have appointed Jason Helfer to serve as our Liaison. Jason will be charged with collecting and sharing information as is gathered from the survey, mediate overall discussions at the meetings and work with the Town Board team throughout the process. He will be the point of contact for the Town of Greece” said Supervisor Reilich.

The survey can be reached via . Please note that the identity of respondents will be kept confidential, however the information and responses of course will be shared with the entire committee so they can use it as a basis for consideration. 

Our Town of Greece Parks and Recreation Team are blazing trails! Just this past month, they cleared several miles of trails that were greatly overgrown. Below you will see Bisig Trail, off Manitou Beach Road, which was recently cleared. As you can see, a family and their dog are enjoying the cleared path!

“I am proud of our Parks and Recreation Team for the great work they have been doing in clearing trails so residents can safely use them as a fun outdoor activity” said Supervisor Reilich. “Our local parks help make Greece a great place to live, and I am always excited to announce enhancements to these beautiful areas to make them even more enjoyable for our residents”.

On August 23, 1994, the United States Congress designated December 7th as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Today, all across our great nation, we lower the American Flag to half-staff in honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and the 2,334 service members and civilians who were killed and the 1,143 people who were injured during the attack on Pearl Harbor. We will always be thankful for the sacrifices they made so that we may have freedom in this country.

Follow this link to view the Virtual Tree Lighting Ceremony on Youtube:

Follow this link to view the Virtual Tree Lighting Ceremony on Supervisor Reilich's Facebook Page:

Follow this link to view the Virtual Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Town of Greece Facebook Page:

Supervisor Reilich is honored to once again participate in the “Matt’s Coats for Kids” giving opportunity. Matts Coats for Kids was established in 2004 in honor of Matthew J. Fitton who lost his life in a tragic car accident at the age of 20. Over the years, the organization has helped distribute thousands of coats to children in need. Please see the attachment for the full story of Matt’s Coats for Kids.

Please consider donating new or gently used winter outerwear to help keep our local kids warm this winter. Donations needed are new and gently used coats, NEW (only) mittens and gloves, and NEW (only) socks. The donation box is located in the Greece Community and Senior Center, 3 Vince Tofany Boulevard. The box will be available thru Monday, November 30th.

The Greece Community and Senior Center is open the following dates/times:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8am-5pm

Tuesday/Thursday: 8am-7pm

“I would like to encourage all to consider donating used or gently used outerwear towards this worthy cause” said Supervisor Reilich. “Thank you for your generosity. I am proud to live in a community where people come together time and again to help those in need”.

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Greece Town Board passed their 2021 budget this evening at their regular meeting. The budget includes another town tax decrease and shows a decrease in the overall size of the town budget, meaning that the appropriations are lower than 2020. Our tax rate for 2020 was $6.2246 per thousand dollars of assessed value. The 2021 Adopted Budget is estimated at $6.16 per thousand dollars of assessed value, a decrease of nearly 6 ½ cents. 

There are goals in this budget and there are priorities for our residents. We will continue to embrace technological innovations, cost cutting measures, and keep our focus on keeping our community safe and vibrant while continuing to provide the amenities that our residents have grown to love and appreciate in place. We are ready for any challenge because we realize that we are at our best when we work together.

The newly adopted budget is nearly $1M below the tax cap, includes no borrowing and retires debt of nearly $3M. Additionally, the budget includes the 100% cash payment toward the new Children’s Library Expansion which is on track to open in mid-2021 and our new ice rink as well.

“We have worked hard the past 7+ years to prepare for this (COVID) or any sort of emergency.  There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but by careful budgeting and planning we have been able to absorb the cuts to our revenue and not place any further burdens on our taxpayers” Supervisor Reilich said. ”When I took office in 2014, the town was balancing its budgets using its reserve funds and tax rates were slowly trending upwards. Since that time, we have presented budgets that were not dependent on reserve funds and we have steadily worked on decreasing taxes. We made the commitment to make sustained rate reduction a part of our budget effort, and having a balanced budget has allowed us to do that” Reilich said.

 Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to announce plans for Amazon to build an 181,000 square foot distribution center in the Town of Greece, adding 500-1000 permanent jobs to the local economy. This project advances the core of the Town of Greece 2020 Comprehensive Plan to bring industrial growth and more jobs to the area. Acquest Development Company, owner and developer of the 60 acre site located in Eastman Business Park, will use local contractors for construction, putting hundreds more to work in the construction sector. Thanks to an expedited permitting process made possible by the town’s new Economic Development and Innovation Overlay (EDIO), construction could start as soon as next week with the facility slated to be fully operational by spring of 2021. 

The town’s new Economic Development and Innovation Overlay area, adopted in March of this year, covers a range of industrial areas including Eastman Business Park, Canal Ponds Business Park, and MuniPro’s 400+ acre Northampton Landing Development along the Erie Canal. The Overlay is strategically placed to focus on growth in job-creating industry sectors like clean energy, food and beverage production, health care, manufacturing, and distribution industries. The Amazon facility is located within this district.  

“With the completion of our 2020 Comprehensive Plan, we’ve made economic development and job creation our top priority” said Supervisor Reilich. “From the moment we were approached with this project, we’ve been working in partnership with the developer to make it happen. When it comes to attracting industry and creating jobs, we can’t just sit back and wait for opportunities like this to come to our community, we have to be proactive. With all of the economic losses we have been experiencing due to COVID, this new investment in our community is a welcome sign of future prosperity. Our success here shows that the formula works and we are on track to achieve the full potential of our industrial areas”.

The Overlay and renewed focus on economic development are outgrowths of Greece’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan, as is the town’s newly established Office of Economic Development.  With hundreds of acres available for industrial development, solid infrastructure, and a skilled workforce, Greece is working to position itself for future industrial job growth in a changing economic landscape. 

“Greece Town Council Members Mike Barry, Josh Jensen, Bill Murphy, and Diana Christodaro, and I are thrilled to finally announce that an Amazon Facility is coming to Greece” said Supervisor Bill Reilich. “We have been working tirelessly these past six months to bring this project to fruition. The addition of Amazon is likely to draw many other small business enterprises to our area whose goods and services will be utilized by Amazon, helping every level of our economy to grow.  We have always placed a priority on bringing jobs to our community and the jobs generated by Amazon will be good paying jobs with great benefits. Despite the economic challenges that COVID has brought, we are happy to continue bringing good jobs with benefits and solid wages to our area”.