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Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to announce Micky Dolenz the voice of the Monkees will be taking center stage as this year’s featured performance at the fourth annual Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration. Local favorites, Beatlemagic will be kicking off the night as the opening band. 

The morning will once again kick off with our 5K Freedom Run followed by the Scooby Stars and Stripes Kids Fun Run.

Beginning in the early evening bounce houses, musical performances and delicious food vendors will pave the way to the concerts and then of course the grand finale of the evening will be our fireworks spectacular. 

"This is our fourth year of bringing this celebration to our community." Reilich said.  "I am honored to join with our town board members in hosting the 4th of July at the Greece Town Hall Campus for all of our families to enjoy."

Please keep a look out for the full schedule and additional information of this year’s event.

The Greece Town Court Building is open today, however, there will be no court taking place - Because of the County's closure, there are no Public Defenders or District Attorney's available.

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich this morning will be lifting the Travel Ban in the Town of Greece. However, due to current conditions throughout the town, the State of Emergency is still in effect.

Currently North Greece and Post Road is closed and Latta and Long Pond is also closed but is expected to open today. Six traffic lights remain out; one is flashing but not fully operational.

The National Guard has been deployed. They arrived at the Greece Community and Senior Center this morning. We appreciate their assistance.

To date, we have accommodated well over a hundred at the Greece Community and Senior Center, many seeking shelter from the cold throughout the day. Many families are making the Center their temporary home and staying over at night. We have distributed over 500 bags of dry ice and countless cases of water as well since this wind event has started.

Supervisor Reilich reminds residents to be very cautious when travelling throughout the Town of Greece as well as surrounding communities. There are several active restoration sites and fallen trees and debris continue to be a problem.
“Though I am lifting the Travel Ban, our residents should be aware we are still under a state of emergency. We have thousands of people still without power and there is much work ahead of us.” Reilich said.

We continue to welcome any and all residents into the Community and Senior Center to get out of the cold. Dry Ice and Bottled water are also still available at our DPW Facility, 647 Long Pond Road around the clock.

“My thanks to Chief Patrick Phelan and the entire Greece Police Department, our Town of Greece Department of Public Works, our Community and Senior Center employees, all of our Emergency responders from our Fire Departments as well as GVA and Monroe Ambulance and all of the Town employees and our entire community for everything that they have done thus far. This has been a daunting effort, but we are not done yet.” Said Reilich.

Supervisor Bill Reilich has designated the Community and Senior Center as a warming center for all Greece residents who are out of power and are in need of a warm facility. This action takes effect at 12:00pm. Those who are in need of assistance are encouraged to call the North Greece Fire Department at 865-2887 ext. 260 for transportation.

No Pets are allowed in the building. Only Service Animals are allowed.

If residents have any additional questions regarding the warming center, they are encouraged to call Town Hall at 225-2000 or the Community and Senior Center at 723-2425.

All residents are advised that the Town Court will be open this evening for Court Hearings which are scheduled to take place at 4:00 and 5:00 pm. In the instance of the power being down at the Court, all hearings will take place in the Eastman Room at Greece Town Hall. If power is back up, all court hearings will take place as schedule at the Court House.

If residents have any additional questions they are encouraged to call the 225-2000.

 As residents begin cleaning up after the wind storm, Supervisor Bill Reilich would like to encourage people to be safe and avoid any downed power lines. If residents have any downed power lines in their yards, do not go near the lines and call your electrical provider immediately. NYSEG customers are asked to call 1.800.572.1131 and RG&E customers are asked to call 1.800.743.1701.

 The Town has a list of authorized Tree Service vendors who can help with resident clean up. For your convenience a list of the vendors can be found under the Town Clerk Tab on the website. Residents are advised to be on the lookout for unregistered tree service vendors. If a vendor is not registered with the Town, we kindly ask the resident to call Town Hall to report the incident.  

If residents have any additional questions regarding Tree services, there are encouraged to call the 225-2000.

Due to the current State of Emergency, the Town of Greece Library will be closed for the day and all activities at the Community and Senior Center have been cancelled. The Community and Senior Center will remain open until further notice. The Town Court is closed until further notice please call 225-2000 with any questions.         

Supervisor Bill Reilich and Chief Patrick Phelan continue to monitor conditions in the Town of Greece. At this hour the order will remain in effect and will be evaluated throughout the day.

Essential travel will be allowable; however, residents must be aware that travel throughout the town is still very dangerous. Many roadways are still impassable and fallen trees and wires are presenting continuing challenge.

The town wants all residents wherever possible to stay safe and stay off the roads. Please monitor Supervisor Reilich’s Facebook page and the Town of Greece Twitter account for updates. If residents have any questions please call 225-2000 with any questions.

In response to the downed power lines, Supervisor Reilich and the Town of Greece Fire departments would like to remind residents to follow all applicable safety precautions.

Residents are encouraged to stay away from any downed power lines. To ensure the safety of others please report any known incidents of downed power lines. All NYSEG customers are asked to call 1.800.572.1131 and RG&E customers are asked to call 1.800.743.1701.

The following safety tips are provided to ensure resident safety:

  • Do not assume that a downed conductor is safe simply because it is on the ground or it is not sparking.
  • Any low-hanging wires still have high voltage potential, even if they are not touching the ground. In this instance do not touch the power lines.
  • Never go near a downed or fallen electric power line. Always assume that it is energized. Touching it could be fatal.
  • Electricity can spread outward through the ground in a circular shape from the point of contact.
  • Never drive over downed power lines. Assume that they are energized.
  • If contact is made with an energized power line while you are in a vehicle, remain calm and do not get out unless the vehicle is on fire. Call 911 immediately.
  • If you must exit your vehicle, Land with both feet together and shuffle away in small steps to minimize the path of electric current and avoid electrical shock. Be careful to maintain your balance.



Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Greece Town Board will be partnering with Monroe County to hold a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection at the Town of Greece Department of Public Works, 647 Long Pond Road, on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The Town of Greece and Monroe County are providing this service to all Greece residents at no charge.

Appointments are required for this HHW program collection. This will ensure safety and reduce waiting times. Appointments can be made by calling the Office of the Supervisor at 225-2000. Appointments will be accepted until October 13th. Waste from businesses will not be accepted.

Up to 30 gallons of the following materials will be accepted per appointment at no charge:

  • Oil-based & Latex Paint (for 1/3 gallon or less of Latex Paint you simply discard the lid, add kitty litter, let dry and dispose of the can in your regular trash receptacle)
  • Wood Stain and Preservatives
  • Automotive Fluids (antifreeze; brake power steering and transmission fluids)
  • Pesticides & Fertilizers
  • Flammable Products (gasoline, kerosene, thinners, strippers, solvents)
  • Household Cleaners (liquid soaps & waxes, drain cleaners, etc.)
  • Driveway Sealer
  • Pool & Photo Chemicals
  • Rechargeable (Ni-Cad) & Button Batteries
  • Mercury (thermometers, thermostats)
  • Syringes / Sharps (safely packaged)


Please Do Not Bring:

  • 1/3 can or Less of Latex Paint (for 1/3 can or less of latex paint: discard lid, add kitty litter, let dry, place can in trash. Less than 1/3 can will not be accepted)
  • Cans with Dried Paint? (remove lid and place in trash)
  • Used Motor Oil and Lead Acid Batteries (contact service station or retailer)
  • Empty Containers (place in trash or recycle)
  • Smoke Detectors (trash or contact manufacturer)
  • Everyday Alkaline Batteries (place in trash)
  • Propane Tanks (accepted at permanent HHW facility ONLY)
  • Cooking Oil/Cooking Grease (accepted at permanent HHW facility ONLY)
  • Glazing/Spackle and Joint Compounds (trash)
  • Asbestos (see Yellow Pages under "Asbestos Abatement")
  • Products intended for industrial use
  • Explosives/Ammunition/Black/Smokeless Powder (Call 9-1-1)
  • Shock Sensitive Materials (i.e. crystallized ethers, picric acid) (Call 9-1-1)