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This year, from October 9th through December 8th, the Town will pick up bagged leaves from residential properties. The schedule is based on a two-week rotation schedule. Depending on the need and the weather conditions, the town will add an additional rotation after December 8th.  The program calls for residents to place leaves into paper bags to be collected by the DPW.

An alternative to paper bags is the use of 30-gallon garbage cans with handles provided that (1) the container does not weigh more than 50lbs and (2) the container is tagged and identified in such a way that crews will know it contains leaves. Experience has shown that, particularly on refuse collection day, it is very difficult to know what is in the container. While it is recognized that the use of containers is an alternative, residents are reminded that once frozen, the containers may be susceptible to damage.

Another alternative is for residents to dispose of their leaves at one of the Town's drop-off sites. The four sites are identified below. The sites will be open throughout the leaf program. The drop-off site locations will be identifiable by a snow fence. The Yard Waste Management Facility on Flynn Road is open year-round and has signs indicating the leaf drop-off site at this facility. No plastic bags, brush, or containers are to be left at any site.

Please visit the Public Works section of the Town’s website at to locate your area and scheduled pick-up dates.  Use the “Street Search” at the bottom of the page to find your area. The number that appears for "Leaf" corresponds with the assigned area for that street. You will also be able to view an online map for this program. Leaf bags must be out at the curb the day before your assigned pick up to ensure their removal.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT place any other material in with your leaves.  Leaves are composted using equipment that is very costly to maintain and replace.  Metal objects, plastic, concrete, rocks and other items can cause damage to this equipment and end up in the composted material that is provided to residents for use in landscaping beds and composting projects.  These items should be disposed of during residential garbage and recycling pickup.

Area 1:           Area 2:           Area 3:           Area 4:           Area 5:

Oct. 9              Oct. 10            Oct. 11            Oct. 12            Oct. 13

Oct. 23            Oct. 24            Oct. 25            Oct. 26            Oct. 27

Nov. 6             Nov. 7              Nov. 8             Nov. 9             Nov. 13

Nov. 21           Nov. 22           Nov. 27           Dec. 28            Nov. 29

Area 6:           Area 7:           Area 8:           Area 9:           Area 10:

Oct. 16            Oct. 17             Oct. 18            Oct. 19          Oct. 20

Oct. 30            Oct. 31            Nov. 1             Nov. 2             Nov. 3

Nov. 14           Nov. 14           Nov. 16            Nov. 17            Nov. 20

Nov. 30            Dec. 1             Dec. 4             Dec. 5          Dec. 6


The Town of Greece does not collect leaves from private drives. For those living on a private drive, please bring your leaves to the nearest drop-off location:

  1. Yard Waste Management Facility - 635 Flynn Road (open year-round)
  2. Carter Park - 1281 Long Pond Road (Only open Oct 9-Dec 8)
  3. George Badgerow Park South - 1120 Latta Road (Only open Oct 10-Dec 8)
  4. Basil A. Marella Park - 975 English Road (Only open Oct 10-Dec 8)
  5. Columbus Park – 461 Bonesteel Street (Only open Oct 10-Dec 8)

Leaf Collection Zones

**Please Note** - Barnard Park is no longer a leaf drop off site.